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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

The power of your garage door torsion spring in Langley depends on its adjustment. But then again, the spring must be the ideal one for the door. Actually, everything about springs is essential. From the right spring selection to its installation and overall maintenance, everything is important to the good performance of the spring system. And since spring tension can cause terrible accidents, it’s always best to leave any spring repair to our expert techs at Langley Garage Door Repair.Garage Door Torsion Spring Langley

We are experts in torsion spring replacement

When our customers need garage door torsion spring replacement in Langley, British Columbia, we rush to help. Not only do our techs arrive at your property fast, but also bring the right spring type and size for your door. If you choose the wrong spring, the door won’t move right and won’t be safe. With our experience, you don’t have to worry about such things or any spring service for that matter.

To ensure proper spring tension, our techs do the required torsion spring adjustment as soon as they install the new spring. We also check the cables and tracks and make sure the door is balanced.

Our techs are ready to perform any torsion spring repair

In the long run, your Langley garage door torsion spring might need some extra adjustments. This happens when the spring is loosen up. Galvanized springs lose their tension much faster and so they need adjustments more often. Call us to take care of such needs.

We do any torsion spring repair in no time. Our service will also include the lubrication of springs. Lubricants keep the springs from corroding. They also keep them flexible and help them running for the years they are made to last.

Contact us for extension springs repair needs too

Extension springs need similar services. And you can turn to us if you want help with such spring types as well. No matter which spring you have or the nature of the spring problem, our team responds fast. We provide same day broken torsion spring replacement and will do the job by the book. Feel free to call us anytime you need our help.